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Alpha Aquaculture becomes exclusive world distributor of Captive Bred Ltd PeaceKeeper Maroon clownfish!

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Today is an exciting day!  It is now official that Captive Bred Ltd PeaceKeeper maroon clownfish are exclusively distributed by Alpha Aquaculture!  PeaceKeepers are guaranteed to be honored by this world class partnership! Exactly one year ago to the day the partnership was conceptualized.  Who knew it would take one year to become official!  It […]

A world class partnership begins to develop!

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On June 26, 2014 Captive Bred Ltd and Alpha Aquaculture began to discuss a partnership where both parties would team up to bring PeaceKeeper Maroons to the world!  Alpha Aquaculture had already purchased the first two PeaceKeepers ever sold and committed to purchasing two more.  It made sense to have a single importer for this […]

Captive Bred Ltd in Israel breeds the rarest fish in the world!


This year Captive Bred Ltd shocked the world with a new breed of designer clownfish that was so much more unique than any designer clownfish ever seen before!  Not only were these beautiful clownfish uniquely patterned they were also incredibly rare.  A lot of deepwater species of fish are very hard to collect and thus […]

PeaceKeeper video is released by Captive Bred Ltd

On March 18th 2014 the first video of PeaceKeeper Maroon clownfish surfaced on the same reefing blog were the original PeaceKeeper photos were released.  This video shows two beautiful clownfish that are definitely worthy of the first video release.

Captive Bred PeaceKeeper Maroon clownfish are first released!

On February 24th of 2014, the world first heard about the PeaceKeeper Maroon clownfish.  One of the major reefing blogs wrote an article describing the amazing find that a hatchery in Israel named Captive Bred Ltd discovered.