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Why the name PeaceKeeper?

PeaceKeeper Sword Dueling

Upon initial inspection the name PeaceKeeper does not seem very fitting for a maroon clownfish.  Anyone that has experience with maroon clownfish knows that maroons are generally recognized as a very aggressive species.  In large groups of offspring there are usually many individuals with scarred mouths from mouth to mouth biting.  Even 2 week old […]

Check out the unique blue green facial spot on this PeaceKeeper maroon!

Face Blue Spot 2 - IMG_8076

No other designer clownfish has markings like PeaceKeeper maroons.  But how about coloration?  I’ve never seen or heard of a clownfish with a blue green marking on the face.  This photo captures the coloration of this particular fish, PK 0003, perfectly. On a recent tour I was giving of the Alpha Aquaculture facility I pointed […] goes live!

PeaceKeeper - Website - HomePage

Today the world’s rarest fish gets their own website!  will now be the official home for PeaceKeeper maroons!  The website will be managed by Alpha Aquaculture in collaboration with Captive Bred Ltd in an effort to centralize PeaceKeeper maroon news and information around the world. The site has general descriptions about what makes PeaceKeeper […]

PeaceKeeper clownfish get their own logo!

Logo - PeaceKeeper Maroon

Captive Bred Ltd PeaceKeeper maroon clownfish exclusively sold by Alpha Aquaculture are no doubt worthy of having their own logo.  Today they finally got one!  Their logo badge has a PeaceKeeper clownfish showcasing the iconic white face.  The logo reads ‘PEACEKEEPER MAROON’ and is made with maroon red and clownfish orange.  This logo will now […]