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Captive Bred Ltd. – Growing Values   The company develops as a live organism   The vision that led to the establishment of Captive Bred Ltd. Is based on love to the sea and admiration of the diversity and richness represented in nature. By building a viable economic production unit that supplies the market with […]

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Established in 2009, Captive Bred specializes in marine ornamental fish production, R&D and distribution. The company’s marine ornamental hatchery is a state-of-the-art, fully closed recirculation facility. Located in the center of Israel, in the agriculture village of Beit Itzhak, the hatchery is detached and remote from the sea. By constructing our production facility in complete […]

Captive Bred Ltd in Israel breeds the rarest fish in the world!


This year Captive Bred Ltd shocked the world with a new breed of designer clownfish that was so much more unique than any designer clownfish ever seen before!  Not only were these beautiful clownfish uniquely patterned they were also incredibly rare.  A lot of deepwater species of fish are very hard to collect and thus […]