About The PK Breed

What are the traits that make PeaceKeeper Maroons so unique?

1.  Color on the mouth

PK’s were the first ever designer clownfish to have a large amount of color on the mouth and jaw.  A few individuals even have completely colored mouths!

2.  Color on the face

Every PK has swirls of color throughout the face.  The variety of facial coloration patterns is absolutely amazing!

3.  Color on the eyes

PK’s have color on the outer portion of the eye called the sclera.  Some PK’s have the entire sclera colored all the way around and some even have a sclera with semi patterning!

4.  Color on the pectoral fins

PK’s are the first designer clownfish in history that has been sold with patterning on the pectoral fins!  Individuals with large amounts of pectoral fin patterning are breathtaking to watch in person!

5.  Color on the soft dorsal

Many PK’s have coloration on the soft dorsal.  Spots and swirls in this area really add a lot to their overall look!

6.  Color on the tail

PK’s are also the first designer clownfish in history that has been sold with patterning on the tail fin!  With color from the tip of the mouth to tip of the tail, a fully grown 5.5″ PK will truly be a magnificent sight!

7.  Splotchy nebula lightning pattern on the body

The body of PK’s show many different pattern traits.  Some individuals have an undefined look between the pattern and body color.  While this pattern trait has been given many names in the past we could describe the way it looks on PK’s with one word…  awesome!

8.  Chain link pattern on the body

The small number of PK’s in existence show a surprisingly large number of different pattern traits.  Some PK’s have coloration around successive circles that has been called chain link.  This is an extremely attractive and unusual trait!

9.  Significant number of spots

No designer clownfish has ever had spots quite like the spots that are seen on PK’s.  Some have super large spots, some small spots, some circular, some irregular.  Some even have spots within spots!

10.  Blue coloration on the face and body

PK’s have blue green coloration on their bodies and on their faces.  It’s going to be exciting to see the blue green coloration bred out to make super blue PK’s!

Why do PeaceKeeper Maroons have the most unique patterning of any breed of designer clownfish?

They have the most unique patterning because they have the most types of unique traits.

No other single breed of designer clownfish has all 10 of the traits listed above.  While some PeaceKeeper Maroon individuals do not have all 10 of the traits listed above the genetics present in each PeaceKeeper Maroon could potentially produce offspring with all 10 of the traits.  This makes PeaceKeeper Maroons the holy grail of designer clownfish genetics!

Why are PeaceKeeper Maroons one of the rarest fish breeds on the planet?

PeaceKeeper Maroons are truly very rare.  There are very few fish with the PeaceKeeper Maroon phenotype present on the planet.

In the marine aquaria hobby the fish that are most generally recognized as rare are only rare because they are not frequently seen in marine aquaria.  Many of these fish live deep in the ocean where it is dangerous to dive and collect fish.  There are actually large numbers of these ‘rare’ fish living throughout the vast ocean.  Some phenotypes of wild collected and captive bred fish are truly rare.  In order for a fish to be truly rare there must be a very small number of individuals present on the planet.

Why will PeaceKeeper Maroons be one of the rarest fish breeds on the planet for a long time?

The inheritance pattern of the traits that make PeaceKeeper Maroons unique are believed to be recessive.   When PeaceKeeper Maroons are sexually reproduced it is less likely for the PeaceKeeper Maroon phenotype to pass from parent to offspring.

Over time all rare fish that are captive bred will become less rare.  The inheritance patterns of the traits that make a particular breed of fish rare will determine how long that breed remains rare.  If the trait that makes a fish rare is located on a dominant allele it will produce a dominant phenotype in individuals who have one copy of the allele.  Essentially, dominant genes will pass from parents to offspring if just one parent has the dominant gene.  If the trait that makes a fish rare is located on a recessive allele it will produce a recessive phenotype only in individuals who have two copies of the allele.  As is believed to be the case with the rare traits of PeaceKeeper Maroons, recessive genes will pass from parents to offspring only if both parents have the recessive gene.

Where do PeaceKeeper Maroons come from?

All PeaceKeeper Maroons come from the eggs of one single pair of maroons at the Captive Bred Ltd. hatchery.

All PeaceKeeper Maroon clownfish are produced at the Captive Bred Ltd hatchery in Israel.  All PeaceKeepers are the offspring from one single pair of fish that was selectively paired by Captive Bred Ltd and currently live in their facility.  In the clutches of offspring from this one special pair of fish they occasionally found an unbelievably unique fish with extraordinary patterning.  Captive Bred Ltd would name these rare finds PeaceKeeper Maroons.

Where can you buy PeaceKeeper Maroons?

PeaceKeeper Maroons are only sold through Alpha Aquaculture.

Captive Bred Ltd and Alpha Aquaculture have teamed up to exclusively offer these world class clownfish through Alpha Aquaculture!  All PeaceKeeper Maroon clownfish will be imported into the US and sold by Alpha Aquaculture.  For information about purchasing a PeaceKeeper Maroon or for any questions please contact Alpha Aquaculture at the following email: