PeaceKeeper Sword Dueling
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Why the name PeaceKeeper?

PeaceKeeper Sword Dueling

Upon initial inspection the name PeaceKeeper does not seem very fitting for a maroon clownfish.  Anyone that has experience with maroon clownfish knows that maroons are generally recognized as a very aggressive species.  In large groups of offspring there are usually many individuals with scarred mouths from mouth to mouth biting.  Even 2 week old maroons that are half way through metamorphosis can be seen dueling it out.  So why the name PeaceKeeper?

All PeaceKeepers are produced in the hatcheries of Captive Bred Ltd located in Beit Itzhak, Israel.  Captive Bred Ltd said the following about the naming of the worlds rarest fish:

“We had chosen the name PeaceKeeper for that morph.  We think that it represents well the “killer” instincts of the group.  We also feel that it might have a more peaceful nature and behavior than other maroons”

After now having more than 1.5 years of experience with Captive Bred Ltd. PeaceKeeper maroons I can say that I haven’t lost a single male maroon while pairing a PeaceKeeper female.  Every individual is unique and there will of course eventually be a few aggressive fish.  So far they have been peaceful.  It’s exciting to think that the effort to breed nicer patterns on maroons could actually simultaneously produce more peaceful fish!


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