Face Blue Spot 2 - IMG_8076
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Check out the unique blue green facial spot on this PeaceKeeper maroon!

Face Blue Spot 2 - IMG_8076No other designer clownfish has markings like PeaceKeeper maroons.  But how about coloration?  I’ve never seen or heard of a clownfish with a blue green marking on the face.  This photo captures the coloration of this particular fish, PK 0003, perfectly.

On a recent tour I was giving of the Alpha Aquaculture facility I pointed out this particular fish.  The person I was showing the fish to was interviewing for a job and had no experience at all with designer clownfish.  When he took a look at this PK he instantly commented on the blue green facial spot.  It truly is unmistakable and makes this fish a true Hall of Fame fish!

Face Blue Spot 1 BEST - IMG_8142

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