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PK News goes live!

PeaceKeeper - Website - HomePageToday the world’s rarest fish gets their own website!  will now be the official home for PeaceKeeper maroons!  The website will be managed by Alpha Aquaculture in collaboration with Captive Bred Ltd in an effort to centralize PeaceKeeper maroon news and information around the world.

The site has general descriptions about what makes PeaceKeeper maroons so rare and why their patterning is so different from all other designer clownfish.  There is a PK News section devoted to any and all updates about PeaceKeepers.  This section will contain tons of cool stuff and is the go-to place to find out what’s new and exciting in the land of PeaceKeepers.  There will also be a PeaceKeeper section where each PeaceKeeper will have its own biography complete with photos, videos and an in depth description outlining the patterning, color and history of that individual.  The website will also have a Breeding section which will outline the PeaceKeeper breeding project around the world as it stands and develops.

PeaceKeeper - Website - PK NewsLook for both the Alpha Aquaculture and Captive Bred Ltd sections on the site.  These sections will respectively contain updates from both hatcheries.  You can expect so see just about anything that relates to these hatcheries.  There will for sure be some cool updates so check in regularly!


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