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Alpha Aquaculture

Alpha Aquaculture becomes exclusive world distributor of Captive Bred Ltd PeaceKeeper Maroon clownfish!

Body Left Side 2 - IMG_7915

Today is an exciting day!  It is now official that Captive Bred Ltd PeaceKeeper maroon clownfish are exclusively distributed by Alpha Aquaculture!  PeaceKeepers are guaranteed to be honored by this world class partnership!

Exactly one year ago to the day the partnership was conceptualized.  Who knew it would take one year to become official!  It took so long because both parties wanted to ensure that the partnership would successfully provide the best service to the world.  Captive Bred Ltd and Alpha Aquaculture definitely succeeded in meeting this goal with a well thought out plan for distribution and marketing.

PeaceKeepers will be produced in the Captive Bred Ltd aquaculture facility in Israel and then exported to the US at a healthy size.  Once in the US, Alpha Aquaculture will house them and ensure they recover from shipping for a period of at least a month before the marketing process is started.  At that time Alpha will photograph and video each PeaceKeeper individually via their proprietary digitization process.  Each PeaceKeeper individual will be logged on and will be immortalized in the Alpha Aquaculture Hall of Fame.  They will be advertised for sale and will be sold in a variety of markets.  Alpha Aquaculture will then ship them to the final customer and ensure they make their transition properly.

The first Captive Bred Ltd PeaceKeepers are scheduled to be sold in the last quarter of 2015.  Get excited!!!

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